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Roger Kuhn

A Somatic Sex Therapist and a member of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.  His work is informed from a social and sexual justice perspective. His current academic and activist focus centers on the concept of decolonizing sexuality. He is currently completing a PhD in Human Sexuality and is an active participant in the Two-Spirit community in the Bay Area of California.

Fieldwork: seeking balance through the 5 Rhythms

"Those first hours of the morning, as the crepuscular light rises above the horizon, have always been inspiring to me.  I am reminded of a time in my childhood at 7 years old when I first visited my tribal nation’s reservation in southern Alabama. There was a field on the reservation that I felt called to explore, enraptured by this land that I had heard my mother speak about so many times before. I vividly recall the morning light seeping through the trees as the wind carried the songs of the morning birds.  I remember taking off my shoes, my feet connecting to the bare soil, my toes mingling with the earth.  I am aware of new sensations coursing through my body and I began to stomp my feet. I stomped my feet and moved my body in ways I had never moved before. The dancer within me was suddenly born."

- Roger Kuhn

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