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Introduction: Borderlands

Don Hanlon Johnson

Chapter 1: Fieldwork: Seeking Balance through the 5Rhythms

Roger Kuhn

Chapter 2: Multiple Paths: Intersectional Pneumasomatic Approaches to Mental Health

Alyssa N. Zelaya

Chapter 3: thank god i'm fat: gifts from the underbelly

Jules Pashall

Chapter 4: Somatics and Autistic Embodiment

Nick Walker

Chapter 5: The Gap: Becoming Healing

tayla ealom

Chapter 6: Black and White: Biracial in America, Reflections on my Embodied Experience

Stephanie Francis-Ecoffey

Chapter 7: Dancing with Babaylan: A Somato-Spiritual Herstory of a Burgeoning Somatic Psychotherapist

Antoinette Reyes

Chapter 8: The Void of Experienced Meaning in Japanese Society: Ambivalent Attitudes toward Traditional Bodily Practices

Haruhiko Murakawa

Chapter 9: Sankofa: A Journey of Embodied Re-Membering

Muriel Jamille Vinson

Chapter 10: Somatic Psychotherapy and Gay Men: A Return to Yourself

Kurt Wagner



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